Marketing can be fun

In my effort to make the Tune Voodoo string guide known, I need to advertise it and what a better way than a video. This is not in anyway an instruction on how to make a good marketing video, it might even be a “things to avoid when making marketing videos” -video. I’m basically just goofing around with ideas and combining it with playing my guitar.

Making a video

I decided to make just a quick video clip running the guitar neck up and showing the Tune Voodoo string guide in action. Nothing fancy, just a handheld video shot with my iPhone. It would have been much better with a gimbal and not so shaky, but I don’t have a gimbal so this will have to do.

Adding music

By music here I mean just making some noice with guitar. First I slide with plectra while the camera view is running the neck up. Then when the Tune Voodoo skull appears to the screen I play a short riff. This was so much fun to make. At this point I asked some feedback from guitar forums and it was obvious that the riff was a bit too simple. Instead of changing the riff, I added two other guitars to play the same riff but in harmonics and it ended up sounding quite nice. The secret was that I played the original riff in A minor, then played the same riff twice with different notes from the A minor scale. My wife was kind enough to sing a little Tune Voodoo jingle after the riff.

Finishing touches

To make the video look like a proper ad, I added a logo and text to the end with iMovie. On the sound track, there was a little glitch coming from the guitar at the end, which was perfect for showing the web address The end result looks home made, but I’m quite happy with it. At least we had fun making it 🙂


Here it is, see it for yourself:


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